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The Outlander

The Outlander

The Outlander    22 April 2005

TMDb: 7.5/10 1 votes

It is the early 20th century. A stranger arrives in the small, rural community and disrupts the lives of its inhabitants. The man, who refuses to give his name, is dubbed The Outlander. A traveller who disdains conventional behaviour and parochialism, The Outlander disturbs the villagers' complacency and scandalizes the community; he also elicits admiration and gains a woman's love. He ultimately leaves in the same manner he had arrived, but not before he has helped the villagers open their eyes to the larger world beyond their village.

Marion, 13 ans pour toujours

Marion, 13 ans pour toujours

Marion, 13 ans pour toujours    27 September 2016

DramaTV Movie

TMDb: 7.2/10 44 votes

The real story of Marion Fraisse, who committed suicide at the age of 13 after being viciously and repeatedly bullied by her classmates.

Porno Movie

Porno Movie

Porno Movie    31 March 2000


TMDb: 5.3/10 8 votes

Charlie, the protagonist of the Slovenian film “Porno Film”, is so dedicated to his porn viewing that his two friends John and Frank jokes that he must have a PhD in pornography by now. Using Charlie’s extensive knowledge of all things porn, the trio sets out to make the “first real Slovenia porn film”, in Slovenian language and everything — except the women in the film are emigrated Russian hookers, and their Slovenian isn’t very good.

Nom de code : Rose

Nom de code : Rose

Nom de code : Rose    04 December 2012

TMDb: 4.9/10 11 votes

Being 14

Being 14

Being 14    25 February 2015


TMDb: 3.8/10 25 votes

The lives and turbulent adventures of a bunch of fourteen-year-old teenagers, through the eyes of three young girls - Sarah, Jade and Louise - with one last year to go before high school.

Dad in Training

Dad in Training

Dad in Training    06 April 2016


TMDb: 6.2/10 70 votes